Cycling during The Great War 

For one year, starting in May 2018, the Center for the Tour of Flanders will have an exhibit about “Cycling During The Great War”.

Despite the fact that cycling is very popular in Flanders, this theme that has not been touched on in the many commemorations of the Great War. The Center for the Tour of Flanders is preparing the exhibit about “Cycling During The Great War” in celebration of 100 years of ceasefire in 2018. The exhibit will not be limited to cycling during the four years of war, but also explores how racing played a role immediately before and after the war.

An exciting aspect of the exhibit is the chance to reenact the story of Paul Deman, the first winner of the Tour of Flanders in 1913, through a virtual reality experience. Bikes, precursors to the jeep and the plane, were essential vehicles during THE GREAT WAR as they provided reliable, fast, transportation that could be deployed everywhere on the ground. Bikes were more efficient than horses as horses had to be fed and hidden.

The Center for the Tour of Flanders invites their visitors to ponder interesting questions with this new exhibit. Where and how were bikes used during the war? To what extent did it affect already highly developed cycling fabrics? Were there still cycling races in Belgium during the occupation? What happened to the cyclists who were asked to serve for their country? Which cyclists gave their lives on the front lines and which ones survived the war? These questions reflect only a few of the many stories discussed in this exciting new exhibit.

Where: Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen- Markt 43- B 9700 Oudenaarde

When: Friday May 4th, 2018- May 12th, 2019

Open: Everyday from 10am-6pm

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