Zwift final de Ronde

Zwift final “De Ronde”

On Sunday February 16 Zwift is organizing a major E-cycling event in the Tour of Flanders Center (Oudenaarde). E-cycling and E-sports in general is on the rise, Zwift reached an agreement with the UCI at the World Championship in Harrogate to organize a LIVE and official world championship indoor cycling in 2020 for the first time in history, in other words in in the autumn of this year we will also know the world champion on Zwift after the various world champions on the road. Zwift organized such an event together with British Cycling as a test case and preparations for a possible World Cup and now the time has come!



Zwift final “De Ronde” in the Center Tour of Flanders

De Ronde is entering its 4th edition, but will undergo a true metamorphosis for 2020, the previous 3 editions were already very successful, but especially for the participants. The venue was full of character, but cold to spectators and there were no facilities either. This year we take a completely different approach to give a good insight into what you can / can expect from a World Cup (which Brussels is still in the running for as host). So we chose Tour of Flanders center which simply breathes cycling and also totally fits in our concept. With showers, changing rooms, a cafe and so much more, we just couldn't sit better.

Live commentary

So will Niko De Muyter, the speaker with years of experience in the 6-day Ghent, spring classics and cyclocross races, will provide our event with commentary, the participants will also be provided with a personal number and the race will also be streamed live on various social channels. The various major smart trainer brands have also confirmed their participation and will have their personal technicians present.

Classification according to levels

36 riders in total will participate, they are classified in level in A, B or C category and were selected from hundreds of Belgian participants who competed all winter for a place in these LIVE finals. Per 12 (each category counts 12 finalists) they will compete respectively in a flat race with intermediate sprints, a climbing race and a hilly TT to determine who is the best all-round E-racer in Belgium.


The correct timing will be communicated as soon as possible. These events usually take place between 9 am and 6 pm! Of course we also invite you without obligation to the Zwift after party at 6 pm where we will offer you plenty of snacks and drinks.


You can register via this link!

Contact person for questions:

Tytgadt Stephan

Zwift Territory Representative Belgium

Tel: +32.477.45.52.56 or +32.483.29.39.97

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