Tour of Flanders Center launches audio tour

The Tour of Flanders Center adds an extra feature to the Tour of Flanders Exhibition. It presents an audio tour for the general public in which cycling fans can get more information about Flanders' Most Beautiful. The audio tour is available in Dutch and English.


Thanks to the new audio tour, both domestic and foreign cycling fans can immerse in the countless stories and trivia about Flanders' Most Beautiful. This new attraction adds an extra layer to the existing multimedia experience used in the exhibition. Cycling in the Great War ', the temporary exhibition, ends in a symbolic way on the 30th of August, the end of the Circuit des Champs de Bataille.



The voice from Carl Berteele (journalist at Sporza) - on a text written by Geert Vandenbon - guides the visitor through the history of the Tour of Flanders. He speaks about the different components of the most famous one day classic race: the very beginning, the growth, the role of the media, the different start and finish venues, the most important climbs, the evolution of the course, the prize money, etc.



The audio tour contains a wealth of information for people who love history, interesting data and remarkable stories. The visitor has access to 35 audio hotspots, each of them varying from 45 seconds to more than 2 minutes. The audio tour is at beck and call for foreigners as well. They can follow the audio tour via the English version spoken by a native speaker. Plans are made to introduce the audio tour in other languages as well. The audio tour takes about 50 minutes / 1 hour.


Curious about the spoken Tour of Flanders story and how Carl Berteele gets you through the history of the most beautiful one day classic? Discover it at the Tour of Flanders Center in Oudenaarde ...


The Tour of Flanders Center is open every day from 10 AM until 6 PM.