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Portrait series of the Belgian Tour of Flanders winners

Belgian winners of the Tour of Flanders in the Tour of Flanders Center In 2016, hobby photographer Anneke Kestelijn portrayed all Belgian winners of the Tour of Flanders as thesis project of her photography course. It started as a hobby, but it escalated quickly. Meanwhile, she portrayed all (Belgian and foreign) still living winners of the Tour of Flanders […]

Tour winners - Anneke Kestelijn

Belgian Tour winners in the Tour of Flanders Center In 2016, Anneke Kestelijn portrays all Belgian Tour winners as the thesis of her photography training. What started as a hobby has gotten seriously out of hand. With the support of the City of Ronse, she has now also received all the foreign Tour winners that are still alive. […]

Welcome back

It is still a shame that the Tour could not take place in April and we missed you enormously during the closure. So it's great that we can welcome you again to count down towards the new date: October 18. We have taken the necessary measures to ensure safety and health […]

Tour of Flanders bike route: yellow loop

  Well, don't underestimate the Blue Loop. You might think that it's ok because it's only 78km. But it has the Kwaremont, the Paterberg and the Koppenberg all within a very short distance. You don't want to do that. And we really wouldn't advise you to go on the Red one. It takes you all […]

Zwift final de Ronde

Zwift final “De Ronde” On Sunday, February 16, Zwift organizes a major E-cycling event in the Center Tour of Flanders (Oudenaarde). E-cycling and E-sports in general is on the rise, Zwift reached an agreement with the UCI at the World Championships in Harrogate to have a LIVE and official world championship indoor in 2020 for the first time in history […]

Are you the ambassador we are looking for?

Are you the ambassador we are looking for? We are looking for new ambassadors to relieve these two “drivers” - Tom and Niels - from time to time during their cup turn. What do we expect? KOERSMINDED An open door that we kick in, of course, but it goes further than just looking at the course yourself. You're shining […]

Hachiko's Most Beautiful

Hachiko's Mooiste presents cycling, walking and hand bike tour from Oudenaarde to Merelbeke Hachiko vzw is an organization that trains assistance dogs for people with a motor disability. Their objective is the training, matching and further guidance of service dogs, reporting dogs and duo dogs in function of a better quality of life for people with a motor disability or epilepsy. In addition […]

Tour of Flanders Center launches audio tour

The Tour of Flanders Center adds an extra feature to the Tour of Flanders Exhibition. It presents an audio tour for the general public in which cycling fans can get more information about Flanders' Most Beautiful. The audio tour is available in Dutch and English. Thanks to the new audio tour, both domestic and […]