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Lion of Flanders Il Magistrale coffee

After the Bom van Balen and Golden Greg, another cycling celebrity gets his own cycling coffee. In collaboration with coffee brand Il Magistrale, Johan Museeuw will launch his “Lion of Flanders” during Winterwarmte 2018 (23-25 November) in Oudenaarde. Introduction The introduction will take place in the Center Tour of Flanders where this coffee will also be served in the Peloton […]

World champions

The follow-up of our current toppers on wheels is assured. Especially when it depends on Remco Evenepoel (18), Bjorg Lambrecht (21) and Laurens De Plus (23). Together they are good for 4 (!) Medals at the World Championships in Innsbruck 2018. On Thursday, November 15, we can receive these three young champions in the Center, together with Wieleverhaal […].

The world's first interactive podcast ride

The world's first interactive podcast ride Become a real flandrien in the wheel of Johan Museeuw and José De Cauwer Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen has developed the world's first interactive podcast ride for cycling tourists in collaboration with La Permanence. The podcast was voiced by […]