Entries by wolease

Giro box

Experience the race from home and order a look in your kot-box - Giro edition. An Italian three-course menu is available every weekend. Can you also guess who will be the winner of the Giro? Then you have the chance to win extra prizes thanks to our partner Hansgrohe. MENU 1: (7/05, 8/05, 9/05) […]

mothers Day

Our mothers are always on the sidelines to cheer and support us, which is why we will soon give them extra attention. Are you still looking for an exclusive Mother's Day gift? Then you've come to the right place at the Tour of Flanders Center. Treat your mom to a unique Mother's Day experience on […]

launch of the animation series

'Do you already know Boerke? Boerke is the brand new comedy series from De Hofleveranciers, which will be shown on Canvas from Monday 29 March. On the occasion of the launch of the animation series on Canvas, a pair of cycling shoes and a pair of mountain bike shoes were completely personalized in the Boerke universe. This was done in collaboration with Caitlin Fielder, a New Zealand artist, […]

Rudy: 71 years old

I have always been fascinated by cycling, I am still an active cyclist myself. The Tour of Flanders is my favorite cycling race, which is why I volunteer every year during this high day. There is nothing more beautiful than the Tour of Flanders, I enjoy it every year. I support Wout Van Aert […]

Rita: 69 years old

Rita: 69 years old I am 69 years old and have been a volunteer in cycling for 5 years. I am (together with my husband Wim) completely crazy about the race. As a signalman, I contribute my bit every cycling season by making sure everything runs safely along the side of the road. Each time they are unique experiences, […]

Lucien De Schepper: 81 years old

I am an experienced professional. I have been a signalman in cycling since 1958. And ... believe it or not, The Tour of Flanders was my very first race as a volunteer. It all started when I was seven years old. I carried the newspaper 'Omloop het volks' around my neighborhood. In that newspaper […]

Stefanie Van De Velde: 32 years old

For me it started in my childhood, I helped my mother during her volunteer work in cycling. I gained my first experience during a MTB weekend in Mol, where I took care of the supplies for the participants. Today I mainly help with supplies during tours, the registrations of the participants and […]

Steven Demesmaeker: 39 years old

  I myself am employed in the Center Tour of Flanders, but as a volunteer in cycling I am a complete newcomer. I wanted to be part of the volunteer work for a long time, but in the past I didn't know who I could get into. My current job gave me the opportunity and […]

Luc: 67 years old

I mainly lead cycling races from the team car. In a distant past I have raced myself, so I know perfectly what it is like to participate in a cycling race. This helps me in my position as a sports director. I also organize numerous cycling races, for example I organized the provincial championship in Oudenaarde for U23 and […]

Wim: 70 years old

I have been bitten by the cycling bug from an early age and have been experiencing it from the front row as a signalman for twelve years. That I am not always able to watch the games because of this is something I am happy to do. It is especially nice to be able to contribute, you are a link in […]