The following exhibitions can currently be found with us:

  • Tour exhibition
  • Portrait series of Belgian Tour winners (Anneke Kestelijn)
  • Treasury of the Tour
  • Queens of the Course

We also have one for the future flandriens children's trail 'Tour of the Pig'!

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Drama and euphoria. Profit and loss. Bad luck and invincibility. All ingredients of the most beautiful one-day race in the world: the Tour of Flanders. 

For more than 100 years, the Ronde caravan has traveled over the now legendary hills of the Flemish Ardennes. Every year, the greatest cycling heroes brave the cobbles and weather conditions in search of eternal fame. Since 2012, the finish of the High Mass has been in Oudenaarde, 300 meters from the Tour of Flanders Center.

Our exhibition space offers you a total experience of the wonderful history of the Tour of Flanders. Do you know what a rider experiences during a heroic one-day race like the Ronde? Take a seat next to the race director and relive the heroism from the front row.

Round stories: pure emotion

Let your heart beat once more at the achievements of Eddy Merckx, shout Claude Criquelion to one of his greatest victories, cry along with Edwig Van Hooydonck. Curse along with Leif Hoste, relive the three victories of the Lion of Flanders and his successor Tornado Tom. Experience how Gilbert took a step closer to his #striveforfive. Terpstra who smartly expresses his love for the race after his solo. In short, you will be immersed in the countless stories that Flanders' finest has in store.

Guided tour

Do you really want to find out everything about the Ronde? Then book a tour with one of our CRVV cycling guides. You can choose from your own guides on the one hand and from figures from the peloton on the other. Of course on request.

Portrait series of Round winners

In 2016 Anneke Kestelijn all Belgian Tour winners on a portrait as a thesis of her photography education. What started as a hobby has gotten seriously out of hand. With the support of the City of Ronse, she has now also received all the foreign Tour winners that are still alive. She especially wanted to portray the person behind the cyclist and it was the riders themselves who convinced her to continue.

The full portrait series can be seen in the Center Tour of Flanders from February 1, 2021 to April 25, 2021. 

Queens of the Course

The history, the champions, the technology, the prejudices and the media. 

That interest in women's cycling is on the rise is nothing new under the sun. Do you want to relive the history of almost 100 years of women's cycling and 15 years of the Tour of Flanders for women? This has been possible since the beginning of 2018, because just like kings, queens also deserve a podium. With this permanent exhibition "Queens of the race" Grace Verbeke, Jolien D'Hoore, Anna Van der Breggen, Marianne Vos, Elizabeth Deignan, Elisa Longo Borghini and many others get a permanent place on the podium.

Professional cyclist as a guide

Recently we also have one female expo guide. Professional cyclist Mieke Docx likes to take you in tow and tell you the ins & outs of women's cycling.


Would you also like to visit our exhibition space in a group?

Prepare yourself well and watch the 'cycling briefing' about a peloton visit ... er, group visit!