We currently have no vacancies for full-time employees. Feel free to look further below how we can do something for each other.



Give your own cycling objects a stage

Are you a real cycling collector and are you looking for a way to give your collected cycling objects a stage? Do these objects also have a link with the Tour of Flanders or other spring classics? Then you've come to the right place!

If you would like to feel free to inquire about the collaboration, please contact us via the form below.


Inspiring people and taking them into the cycling atmosphere

Do you want to inspire people by showing them around the exhibition space? Do you have the necessary knowledge of the course and can you fascinate people? Then you can join our peloton of our own CRVV guides and cycling figures such as Freddy Maertens, Johan Museeuw, Nico Mattan, Eric Leman and Carl Berteele.

A good cup of coffee is always ready. Fill the form below and we will contact you.



Make a difference with us

Our organization stands or falls with the cooperation of volunteers. We cannot be thankful enough to them for the work they are doing with us. Do you have a heart for the race and do you want to make a difference with us?

Where you can be deployed?

  • At our counter: receive people, provide information about the cycling possibilities and manage the shop
  • On 4 wheels: on the road with the Kobbel at certain events to promote
  • On 2 wheels: on the road by bike to accompany a bike ride

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Challenging internship within the race

Are you looking for a challenging internship within the course? We give young students the opportunity to do an internship here and to develop themselves. You get a lot of freedom here in a pleasant and inspiring cycling atmosphere. In return, we expect your commitment, perseverance and customer-friendliness. Do you feel addressed?

Then contact us via the form below.