Welcome back

It is still a shame that the Tour could not take place in April and we missed you enormously during the closure. So it's great that we can welcome you again to count down towards the new date: October 18th. We have taken the necessary measures to guarantee the best possible safety and health. An overview of the measures and points for attention.




  • The RondeShop was opened up to the entrance hall so that 15 people maximum can be together in the shop and entrance hall at the same time.
  • We insist as much as possible cashless to pay: bank card or Payconiq.
  • Hand hygiene is a crucial requirement to contain the virus. So disinfect your hands on the disinfection column.
  • Hold 1.5-metre distance from each other. You do not have to maintain that distance with respect to roommates.
  • There is a new exit which is clearly marked out so that visitors do not have to cross each other.



  • The RondeShop was opened up to the entrance hall so that maximum 15 people may be on the ground floor at the same time.
  • Think carefully before touching a book or gadget. Clothing may of course be tried on. We do ask for the appropriate clothing that is not being bought on it before provided rack to hang.
  • Checkout happens cashless and one person at the till per account.



  • We ask for a good overview of the occupation and ticketing by phone (055
    33 99 33) or by mail your ticket to reserve. Indicate how many times you are coming, what day and at what time.
  • Based on the rule of 1 pers./15m2, there are allowed max. 30 people per hour  in the exhibition space.
  • The touchscreens and interactive parts are preliminary concealed or on hold seated for security reasons. We also ask for nothing to touch in the exhibition space.
  • Make use of the disinfection columns that are present in different places.
  • Hold distance from each otherunless you come to visit the exhibition with roommates.




  • The bike rental is not yet admitted. 
  • The changing and shower rooms remain closed for health reasons.



  • Room rental is also still for security reasons not done.



  • The brasserie is through the drive in take away open from 10am to 3pm depending on the weather.
  • Coffee, soft drinks and various pastries are available. There are no alcoholic drinks served. Coffee is only available in combination with a snack.
  • We kindly ask for 1 by 1 to join and to be the necessary distance.
  • The banks on it Tour of Flanders Square is not a place to keep surfing after going outside.




  • The message with measures is played repeatedly through the audio system
  • One-way street: both in the exhibition space (-1) and on the ground floor there is one-way traffic with the aim of avoiding crossing. An extra exit has been created on the ground floor.
  • Ticketing and cashless: Buying an exhibition ticket is done online or by telephone and payments for the shop are exclusively cashless.
  • Counting system: through ticketing by reservation only, we can guarantee that a maximum of 30 people will be present in the exhibition space at a time.
  • Hand hygiene: there are in different places hand gel dispensers provide for regular hand disinfection.
  • Hygiene: the various public contact points (door handles, toilets, etc.) are carefully cleaned several times every day.
  • Plexi screens: Plexiglas screens are provided at the desk.


Thank you for your understanding and hope to see you soon! Use your sanity and stay healthy.

# together against corona


Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us via info@crvv.be or via 055/33 99 33.