The following exhibitions are available:

  • Tour of Flanders Exhibition
  • Queens of Cycling

We have a trail for our future flandriens: Kids trail “Ronde van Varken”.

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Tour of Flanders Exhibition

Tragedy and euphoria. Victory and defeat. Bad luck and invincibility. These are all ingredients for the most wonderful one day classic race of the world: the Tour of Flanders.

The Tour of Flanders van travels over the legendary hills of Flanders for more than 100 years. Each year our cycling heroes conquer the cobbles and the weather conditions in search of eternal fame. Since 2012, the finish of Tour of Flanders is situated in Oudenaarde on 300 m of Tour of Flanders Centre.

Our exhibition will give you a total experience of the wonderful stories of the Tour of Flanders. Do you know what a cyclist experiences during the heroic one-day race? Take a seat next to the general race director and relive the heroism at the front row.

Tour of Flanders stories: pure emotion

Get your heart racing with the performance of Eddy Merckx, shout Claude Criquelion to his first big win and cry with Edwig Van Hooydonck. Curse together with Leif Hoste, relive the three victories of the Lion of Flanders and his successor Tornado Tom. Experience how Gilbert took a step closer to his #striveforfive. See how Terpstra showed his love for the race after his solo win. In short, you will be immersed into the countless stories that Flanders finest has to offer.

Guided tour

You really want to know everything about the Tour of Flanders? Then book a guided tour with one of our guides. You have a choice between our own guides on the one hand and figures of the peloton on the other hand. Guides are on request.

Queens of Cycling

The history, the champions, the prejudices and the media. 

The exhibition about “Queens of Cycling” gives an historical overview of nearly 100 years of women’s cycling.

The fact that women’s cycling is fully established and wins popularity every year is nothing new under the sun. Nevertheless, it still doesn’t count on the attention men’s cycling has. We give the queens of cycling the stage they deserve.

If you come along with a group? You can reserve your visit here below, with or without guide. We look forward to welcoming you.

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