Give your cycling objects an international stage

Are you a collector of cycling objects and do you want to give them an international stage? Do these objects have a link with the Tour of Flanders or other cycling classic races? Then you are in the right place!

Do you want to know more about a collaboration, please contact us via this entry form or the entry form below.


Inspiring people and immersing them in the cycling atmosphere

Do you want to inspire people by guiding them through the exhibition? Do you know the ins and the outs of cycling and are you able to captivate the visitors with your juicy stories about cycling? Maybe you could be part our peloton of guides (Freddy Maertens, Johan Museeuw, Nico Mattan, Eric Leman, Carl Berteele, etc.)

A tasty cup of coffee is waiting for you. Fill in the entry form and we will enter in contact with you.



We can make the difference together

The participation of volunteers is crucial for our organisation. We can’t thank them enough for the work they do for us. Do you have a heart for cycling and do you want to make the difference with us?

Where you can make the difference?

  • At the reception: welcoming the visitors, providing information about the bike facilities end managing the online webshop orders and the till
  • Op 4 wheels: with our promo van (yes, his name is “Kobbel”) at cyclos or other events
  • On 2 wheels: to guide a bike ride

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Challenging internship in cycling

Are you looking for a challenging internship in the world of cycling? We give internship opportunities to young students in order to develop their skills. You get a lot of freedom in a pleasant and inspiring cycling atmosphere. We expect engagement, perseverance and friendliness in return. Do you feel compelled?

Please contact us via this form.